Sole Inventor of
the mMed patent portfolio

In the area of drug delivery, New Directions Technology Consulting's managing director is the sole inventor of the mMed patent portfolio, which is offered for sale or licensing. Medication telemanagement systems based on the portfolio can be used to develop innovative health and wellness programs that can benefit a wide spectrum of stakeholders.

intellectual property

New Directions Technology Consulting is an advisory firm that specializes in mobile healthcare technology.

The firm assists clients from start-ups through Fortune 500 companies to commercialize their technologies, and works with trade and professional organizations to extend their reach.

Healthcare products to diagnose and treat are increasingly going directly into patients' hands. This is especially the case with expensive and sensitive specialty pharma products, which often are genetically engineered proteins that must be injected.

Greater patient engagement using medication telemanagement can result in better health outcomes and reduced costs, while presenting huge opportunities for Pharma and other stakeholders at the technology forefront of the evolving healthcare market.