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From the U.S. perspective and with an emphasis on human factors, automated identity and regulation, Napoleon Monroe provides an overview of the current status of connected combination products, including points from recent conferences focusing on the topics.

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The Cost of Not Taking Your Medicine The New York Times (4/17, Brody) reports, “Nonadherence to prescribed medications” is “an out-of-control epidemic in the” US “that costs more and affects more people than any disease Americans currently worry about.” The article suggests that nonadherence “explains why so ...
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Napoleon Monroe will be making two presentations at The Drug Delivery Partnerships 2017 conference, Feb. 7-9, 2017.

7, 2: 15pm-2:30pm
Track A presentation: “The Roles of Connected Combination Products in the Creative Reconstruction of Pharma” will:
•Highlight ...
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What President-elect Trump means for connected biopharma Since the election, I spoke with several opinion leaders about the possible meaning of a Trump presidency for connected biopharma. While everyone rema
New Directions Technology Consulting
Pharma's non-adherence problem is growing 2015: Capgemini/HealthPrize Technologies: U.S. revenue loss for Pharma from medication nonadherence is $250B. If extrapolated to the global market: $637B.
An updated report pegs total global revenue loss at an incredible $637 billion, up nearly 13% from 2012.
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The FDA Just Approved the First Artificial Pancreas for Diabetes Medtronic received FDA approval for a new integrated glucose monitor and pump.
The first-ever artificial pancreas for treating diabetes will hit the market in spring of 2017. Medical device maker Medtronic on Wednesday won Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval ...